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TLC Ch​iropractic is the practice of transforming lives compassionately through the use of gentle, and specific chiropractic techniques.

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  • Jul 19, 2021 by Linda G.

    Dr. Jen is AWESOME!  She is caring, funny and knowledgeable - all great characteristics for a chiropractor!

  • Aug 05, 2020 by Lisa Kivley

  • May 23, 2020 by Hillary Welch Foisy

    Dr. Jen is amazing! The most compassionate and caring care provider you'll ever find! She took care of me throughout my pregnancies, adjusts all 5 of my babies (my oldest is 15) and even adjusted and impressed my husband (who is faithfully devoted to his own chiropractor) She goes above and beyond any chiropractor I've ever seen! We love her and I can't imagine trusting the care of my family to anyone else

  • Apr 17, 2020 by Dani Marie

    We love Dr. Jen! We had our son's lip tie and tongue tie lasered at 2 weeks old, as the ties made breastfeeding near impossible and slowed his weight gain. Dr. Jen did amazing follow up work to get his mouth and body functioning the way it needed to be. And that included the very important craniosacral therapy! Our son just turned a year old and he is healthy and happy. I'm proud to say we made it to 1 year of breastfeeding! Our whole family has started seeing Dr. Jen to keep our bodies healthy and our immune systems up! If you are looking for a provider who knows her stuff and listens to your situation with compassion, then this chiropractor is for you!

  • Mar 28, 2020 by Lydia Hanson

  • Mar 28, 2020 by Kate

    Jen is a wonderful person and a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor.

  • Mar 27, 2020 by Michele

    Very caring and concerned of myself
    Follows up on progress made
    Offers services if needed
    Is very open to Emergancy visits when help is really needed

  • Mar 27, 2020 by Grady Cooper

    Thank you Dr.Jen for helping me improve so much and be able to go through my last days of pregnancy in little to no pain at all.

  • Mar 27, 2020 by Hannah Pilgard

  • Jan 24, 2020 by Grady Cooper

    Dr.Jen genuinely cares for the well being of those under her care, her office is kid friendly and she also has a great amount of patience with mom's like me who brings her kids in to appointments. She loves chiropractic care and is also very passionate about it. I cannot recommend her enough or even have all the words for what she does for me and the community. Thank you Dr.Jen!!

  • Jan 10, 2020 by Ellen Giacobbe

    Doctor Jen is amazing!! I started seeing her for lower back pain, which is now completely gone. She has also helped my husband and I with fertility, and has given us an incredible amount of information on pregnancy and overall health. I have referred multiple friends and family to go see her. You’re the best Dr. Jen!

  • Dec 01, 2019 by Lisa Johnson Strong

    Dr Jenn is the best in town!! five

  • Nov 11, 2019 by Jason Gonzales

    Dr Jen has one of the kindest hearts i've met. She's been so accomodating and patient with my ever changing schedule. Although I haven't stopped by in a while I would recommend if your not sure and looking for the right Chiropractor she will exceed your expectations. Thanks Dr Jen PS Marilyn is doing amazing.

  • Aug 14, 2019 by Lisa Patterson Kivley

    Dr. Jen is the best!! Knowledgeable, skilled, intuitive, compassionate and focused on providing the best treatment available. You just can't go wrong here! Seeing marked improvements in how I feel! Love it!!! Thank you, Dr Jen!!

  • Jul 29, 2019 by Lisa Nilsson

  • Mar 31, 2019 by Linda Gurley

    Dr. Jen is friendly, caring & great at treating her patients. She knows so much about more than spinal care. She treats the whole person not just the body.

  • Mar 30, 2019 by Kellie Theresa

    Dr. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her field. Dr. Jen and TLC Chiropractic is a wonderful resource for our community!

  • Mar 17, 2019 by Robyn Condon

    I was very fortunate to have discovered Doctor Jen during a most painful and debilitating recent disk herniation. I have had chronic lower back issues for years and was so glad that Doctor Jen could help me!!! One of the coolest things about her is that not only is she skilled at the physical manipulation part of it, but she has this "healing touch", an energy so to speak. It's just there. I can't really explain it but it's very cool. She has a warm and inviting contemporary office and a very friendly admin staff. I also must mention that Doctor Jen has a depth of compassion and an authenticity about her that is truly a rare find these days. Thanks SO MUCH for helping me and keep up the good work, Doctor Jen!!!

  • Mar 12, 2019 by Allie Couri Hannant

    Big shoutout to Dr. Jennifer Hanna Pishotta at TLC Chiropractic! I can’t tell you how much I rely on her as our first line of defense. I had been wanting to get my kids into a chiropractor for some time and this has been the perfect fit. Just today, I called her after receiving 2 separate calls from the school nurse because Cole was saying he had pains in his chest. The first time I assumed it was muscular but the second started to worry me. I didn’t really think it was his heart but also didn’t want to take it lightly. (He was of course bouncing off the walls when I got home from work early) Thankfully, she was able to fit us in so Cole could be seen. She is always very thorough and knowledgeable in her examinations and assured me it was muscular (his intercostal muscles to be exact). We’ve had so many random things happen and each time, I tell the kids, “let’s talk to Dr. Jen first”. #livingwithGiana And sure enough every single time she has been not only helpful but right! To have that kind of a resource as a parent is beyond helpful. And of course the kids love her - they always want to share their latest news or toy with her and have even gotten to the point where they know what needs adjusted in their body and they are usually correct! So thank you to Dr. Jen and if you’re looking for great and truly caring chiropractic care, I highly encourage you to check out TLC Chiropractic!

  • Feb 27, 2019 by Kelly Hamilton

    Truly has the gift of relating to people beyond the healing touch of chiro. She is a blessing to both my son and I.

  • Feb 27, 2019 by Kaylee McCreary

    I was experiencing mid back pain, explained to Dr. Jennifer Pishotta my symptoms, she did a spinal check and sure enough found a ribhead out of place. A quick adjustment and I was good to go! She was so kind and caring. I love that she explained to me the many different ways that can cause a ribhead to easily pop out of its place. She provided me with a simple breathing exercise as well as different exercises to help strengthen my back muscles to hopefully prevent further ribhead issues. I would recommend her to everyone!

  • Feb 27, 2019 by Kaylee JC

    I was experiencing mid back pain, explained to Dr. Jennifer Pishotta my symptoms, she did a spinal check and sure enough found a ribhead out of place. A quick adjustment and I was good to go! She was so kind and caring. I love that she explained to me the many different ways that can cause a ribhead to easily pop out of its place. She provided me with a simple breathing exercise as well as different exercises to help strengthen my back muscles to hopefully prevent further ribhead issues. I would recommend her to everyone!

  • Jan 26, 2019 by Heidi Peterson

    Amazing. Very educate and caring. Dr. Jen is truly and expert in her field.

  • Nov 28, 2018 by Veronica Ferreira

    Dr. Jen is wonderful! My teen has had a great experience and loves each visit at TLC Chiropractic!

  • Nov 26, 2018 by Juliana Henchy

    I couldn’t have asked for better service, than the care I received at TLC Chiropractic. The staff at TLC work hard to make their patients feel important, and cater to their needs accordingly. Thank you so much for your services, and hospitality.

  • Nov 18, 2018 by Jurga Napolitano

    A friend recommended Dr Pishota when I was pregnant to help with varicose veins. I went there 2x week for 2 months before my due date. Not only it helped with my veins, but my labor was short and easy, and I saw great improvement with sciatica and overall well being. Very compassionate, knowledgeable and effective! Highly recommended!

  • Oct 27, 2018 by Randy Whitaker

    Great chiropractic treatment!!! Even for men!!!

  • Oct 25, 2018 by Elaine Rountree

    Love Love Love Dr. Jennifer! She is full of knowledge and always by your side what ever fight you may be going through with your health. Her adjustments have always calmed my anxiety and I always leave smiling. One of the best in my opinion!

  • May 24, 2018 by Jonathan Santoya

    I Recommend TLC because of the way they pinpoint your injury and how they focus on that injury. When i first walked in there i couldn't move my neck and on my 4 adjustment i could already move my neck

  • Apr 17, 2018 by Karen Lavorata

    Dr. Jen is very knowledgeable, always willing to answer my questions, give suggestions, and had helped me feel so much better! Her technique is very comfortable and she was sensitive to my concerns I started treatments due to a strain in my back and didn’t realize overall how I could feel so much better! Her staff is very welcoming, assists with scheduling and understanding of treatments. Thank you Dr Jen and staff for being a great resource in our community for better health!

  • Mar 26, 2018 by Autumn Martin

    Dr. Jen approaches each of my visits uniquely. She caters to what I have going on and takes a very gentle approach to my adjustments since a traditional adjustment does not generally apply to my care. I leave feeling wonderful both from the treatment she provides but also in knowing that she is treating me as an individual and puts my health as a whole into consideration. Thank you Dr. Jen for making me feel great each week! I’ve noticed an incredible improvement since beginning my chiropractic journey with TLC!

  • Mar 26, 2018 by Mary Lipford Wall

    I am a first time chiropractic patient and Dr. Jen has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her! I look forward to every visit.

  • Mar 13, 2018 by Kacie Terranova

    I have been seeing Dr. Jen since January and have seen a SIGNIFICANT difference in my physical and mental health due to her weekly adjustments. I am far more mobile, fluid, energetic, and even happier than I was before her care. She really personalizes her care for each and every patient she sees- no two adjustments are the same! It really means a lot to me that she is not only working towards improving my overall health, but she also cares about helping me with my own personal goals from chiropractic care as well. Dr. Jen has really changed the way that I see health care professionals and has raised the bar!!

  • Mar 01, 2018 by Alex Jensen

    Very professional with a homey feel. Great service! Love this place!

  • Feb 06, 2018 by Jess Enderby

    What a phenomenal experience. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Jan 28, 2018 by Melissa Schiefer

    Dr. Jen is Incredibly caring and thoughtful when it comes to taking care of her patients. She has helped me personally and I highly recommend her as your Chiropractor!

  • Jan 17, 2018 by Mark Pishotta

    Dr. Jennifer Pishotta demonstrates passion and commitment in working with her patients. She believes in helping her patients to improve their quality of living, and educates them to better their lives by learning how to be proactive with their health. Her being the mother of a child with special needs gives her an extra bit of compassion that cannot be taught, and has motivated her to pursue this venture.

  • Jan 02, 2018 by Julia Rada

    Very gentle chiropractic care! Thanks, Dr. Jen for always making me and my family feel 100%!

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Dana Stubbs

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Samantha Jennings

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Candace Holmes DC

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Eileen Denny

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Danielle Marra Patts

  • Dec 30, 2017 by Laura Bowen Gulotta

  • Oct 25, 2017 by Alicia Johnson Perkins

  • Oct 25, 2017 by Cindy Happ

    I have been to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Jen has the surest and most gentle touch. Had adjustments for migraines and I now have fewer migraines than before.

  • Oct 25, 2017 by Mary Simon

    Dr Jen has extra training in the Webster technique for treating women in pregnancy. I saw her regularly during the second half of my pregnancy, and with weekly chiropractic adjustments, I had very little back pain. I also think having my pelvis aligned contributed to a short labor of 5 hours from the onset of contractions, along with other natural therapies I had been doing. She is caring, dedicated, and very good at what she does!

  • Oct 25, 2017 by Melissa Lawrence-Caulfield